交易商 最低投资规模

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His father is a market trader, selling fruit and vegetables. Suo padre è un venditore al mercato che vende frutta e verdura.

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Examples of trader

Typically, both small firms and traders have more than one contact for purchase and sale of 交易商 最低投资规模 their respective product.

Both traders and producers faced similar problems between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, including difficulties in gaining access to information, transportation, credit, arbitration and 交易商 最低投资规模 security.

Private traders were to be removed from the 交易商 最低投资规模 wholesale grain trade and only public agents would be engaged.

The kalabule economy benefited mainly urban residents (especially traders and public officials) and impacted detrimentally on the welfare of the urban poor and rural dwellers.

The exporting traders, who first chose quality, increased their economic power and their regional leadership.

Because women predominate among the ranks 交易商 最低投资规模 of petty traders at the louma, female exchange networks 交易商 最低投资规模 prove helpful when women have difficulties completing domestic tasks.

Livestock traders with whom they have had long-standing economic relations 交易商 最低投资规模 facilitated their settlement in the northern regions of both countries.

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趋势 qūshì

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Etymology of 趋势 qūshì

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Phonosemantic compound. 走 zǒu represents the meaning and 交易商 最低投资规模 刍 chú represents the sound. Simplified form of 趨 qū .

Phonetic compound

Semantic compound

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Phonosemantic compound. 力 Lì represents the meaning and 执 zhí represents the sound. Simplified form of 勢 shì .

Phonetic compound

Semantic compound

Positional decomposition

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Example sentences using 趋势 qūshì

Broaden your vocabulary by interacting with 4 audio-assisted sentences using the 交易商 最低投资规模 交易商 最低投资规模 Chinese word 趋势 qūshì in different contexts.

这份 报告 交易商 最低投资规模 bàogào 表明 biǎomíng , 同一 tóng yī 趋势 qūshì 也 Yě 在 zài 影响 yǐngxiǎng 着 zhāo 政治 zhèngzhì 交易商 最低投资规模 。

The report suggested that the same trend was at work in politics.

现在 xiànzài 博物馆 bówùguǎn 或 huò 商店 shāngdiàn 有 yǒu 一种 yī zhǒng 说关 交易商 最低投资规模 就关 的 de 趋势 qūshì 。

There is a tendency to 交易商 最低投资规模 shut museums or shops at a moment's notice.

很多 交易商 都 dōu 预测 yù cè 最近 zuìjìn 市场 shìchǎng 的 de 下跌 xià diē 趋势 qūshì 还 Huán 将 jiāng 延续 yánxù 。

Many traders forecast a continuation of the market's recent bearish trend.

交易商 最低投资规模 交易商 最低投资规模 你 nǐ 需要 xūyào 一长串 的 de 数据 shùjù 才能 cái néng 看出 kàn chū 这一 趋势 qūshì 。

You need a long series of data to be able to discern such a trend.

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A Boy and his Dragon

Once upon a time, a Little Boy was living in a village near the woods. One day, a Dragon came out of the cave secluded in the middle of the forest and began to relentlessly follow the Little Boy, always breathing on the back of his neck, burning the young boy at his slightest misstep.

The child received refuge in an old Temple where there were no mirrors allowed, and it was forbidden to speak of life before entering the sanctum. Ancient books, hidden rooms with unimaginable treasures and beauty beyond comprehension, became part of the boy’s new life.

Time went by until, one day, the now old young boy accidentally glimpses his own reflection in a pond. The Dragon smiled back.

交易商 最低投资规模

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Tłumaczenie słowa trader - Słownik angielsko-chiński tradycyjny

While there are labour unions that have attained some successes, farmers, artisans, petty traders 交易商 最低投资规模 and female workers have not organised effectively to demand economic opportunities.

The kalabule economy benefited mainly urban residents (especially traders and public officials) and impacted detrimentally on the welfare of the urban poor and rural dwellers.

Private traders were also aggressively purchasing grain, often involving force, and then hoarding it.

The earliest residents were herdsmen, karamokobe and traders, and people holding those three occupations shaped subsequent community growth and interactions with local populations.

Agents holding money are referred to as money traders or 交易商 最低投资规模 buyers, whereas those with production opportunities are referred to as commodity traders or sellers.

Guards patrolled the roads, preventing farmers from leaving the scheme or selling their 交易商 最低投资规模 harvest to outside traders.

In addition to armed robbery, these gangs ran protection rackets, extorting money from business people 交易商 最低投资规模 交易商 最低投资规模 and traders as well as attacking their customers.

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